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Why hirequity?

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15 Years of Sales and Marketing Recruitment experience.


Coached and Mentored thousands of talented Sales Professionals across many different industries.


LGBTQ+ led and certified in Human Resources Management.


Exclusive interview screenings and profiles provided to you.


Job Description, Offer Letter, Salary Guides and other pertinent information you need to make your hire as provided by us.


Retention rates are 90%+ due to our authentic approach and talent matching systems.

What we offer

No company's hiring needs are the same. The experience that hirequity prides itself on, is hand-crafted to your distinct brand. 

Executive Search

The search for leadership and strategic talent is complex, often-confidential, and time-sensitive. We have a unique interview, intake and onboarding approach to ensure we are aligned in your hiring goals by attracting the most diverse talent in Canada and the USA.

Leadership Search (VP's, Directors, Managers, Supervisors)

We have lead teams, hired teams and coached people, so we understand what you are looking for. Company culture, growth goals, and your unique vision are all taken into account.

Immediate Leadership (fractured, contract-based)

Hire senior leadership and management positions in critical areas to bridge hiring gaps and lay strong foundations for future team growth. These are short-term fractured hires, for when you are growing quickly and need immediate assistance.

Consulting/Short Term Projects

Sometimes, you just need a helping hand! Whether it is assistance in writing job descriptions, crafting offer letters, salary guides, compensation plans, or sales strategy - we are here to help!

Direct Hires (Entry Level, Mid-Level, Senior- Level)

Whether you are a startup building a team, a Brand expanding, or a Large Corporation looking to add additional Sales, Customer Service or Marketing headcount, we can help with that! We curate a plan for you to help get people interested in your company, the role and the mission you are on!

HR, Marketing, Operations and Customer Success

We consider these roles to all be an integral part of the Sales Organization. We source, screen and attract talent for your company Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and Customer Service / Success

Hiring has changed. Work is evolving. Sales is everything.

Candidates have choices.

Meaningful brands with a mission attract talent.

Find your next great Sales hire.