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Looking for entry level Sales Talent?

Look no further than your local barista, grocery store clerk, waitress, or retail associate

Why bother striking up conversations with your barista, grocery store clerk, retail associate or wait staff?

You are building your talent funnel - especially in sales.

While I do this with almost every interaction anyways, I tracked my conversations in these types of in-person settings over the last month.

I had 23 conversations that led to candidates sending me their resumes as they were looking to do something different - more money, more meaning, building their skills...

Those 23 conversations/resumes led to at least one referral each, which converted into me receiving 110 resumes in December.

Format each of your headings below to Heading 2 to keep your post neat and SEO-friendly.

I continue to receive referrals and resumes - now they are coming from outside of the province and these are mostly young, talented, motivated recent grads looking for FT employment.

So go ahead and put your head and mind your business while you're out in society - at your own peril!

If anyone is interested in hiring SDR's, BDR's Inside Sales or entry level sales talent - I have a roster of enthusiastic candidates!

Follow up quickly!

Young talent is often applying to jobs online and ready to take the first role with a company that offers decent pay, working conditions and a good product or solution. Follow up quickly once you've had these conversations and cut down on your interview time.

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