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Hirequity Earns Its First Five Star Review!

It was just over a week ago when we announced the official launch of our company. Now we have our very first five-star review.

Reviews are an important part of a B2B service provider’s life cycle. It helps boost awareness of our services, our quality, and gain official recognition. For example, because of this review we've already been included in a 2021 development research list for the top recruitment agencies in Canada.

We couldn’t be happier by how quickly things are moving for us and hope it’s a sign of the kind of future we have as a company.

Today, we’ll be looking at the review itself to see what we did, what the client likes and how we can continue this momentum moving forward.

The client is a startup that didn’t have the budget to risk building a team on their own. They needed a guiding hand to find the best possible candidates and be spared the sting of trial and error.

Fortunately, this client understood the importance of bringing the right talent at the earliest opportunity. The first people you bring onboard tend to dictate the future culture of the company and a standard will subconsciously be set from that point onwards.

On our end we took great lengths to understand what the client wanted and needed from the people to be hired. This requires insight into both the client’s industry as well as the client themselves. Every good recruitment strategy takes personality into the same consideration as skill. Communicating that understanding gives a client confidence in your abilities and give the project itself the best chance of success.

Fortunately, everything fell into place with this engagement and we are quickly reaping the rewards from it. If you want a reliable partner in your hiring process, contact us today. We’ve already proven ourselves once and we can do it again.

Hirequity’s mission is to hire differently and inspire others by our example.

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