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Hamilton Recruitment

Hamilton Recruitment: Whether you are hiring professional staff or starting a new office, let us be your talent partner. Our founder, Jordana Matsos, is a McMaster University grad in Human Resources Management. We specialize in the hiring of sales candidates. We carefully select candidates to ensure that they are of high quality and meet all of your standards and hiring criteria.

Hamilton Recruitment
Hamilton Recruitment

Hirequity Recruitment Agency is the leading hiring-practice, specializing in sourcing diverse sales, human resources and operations candidates in all industries, including technology, SaaS, software, CPG, Financial Services, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Transportation, Logistics, IT, Media and more.

It is run by Jordana Matsos, a Human Resources trained, Sales Leader that spent 15 years leading global sales teams to achieve their revenue goals. Hirequity Recruitment Agency has experienced recruiters, helps sales candidates who are junior, mid-career level and senior level executives to find employment in the USA and Canada. We work in all major cities including, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Miami, and more.

Hamilton is strong city filled with talent, and we are proud to partner with various organizations to help the city grow. We offer recruitment services to all industries and all candidates with diverse backgrounds.

A Glassdoor survey found that 67% of active and passive job seekers say diversity is the most important factor in determining what a company has to offer. Research by McKinsey shows that the likelihood that the top quarterly figures of various companies are diversified is 35% higher.

We have a 96% success rate, which means there are no unnecessary replacement costs. First principles determine how we work together to treat each other and serve our customers.

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