Entry Level Sales Role? Yes, Please!

How to land your first role in a SaaS startup

Want to work in Sales? For a tech startup? We share some tips on how to get your dream job!

Why does it seem like all of the cool jobs are in tech? It could be because movies have glamorized the Kombucha on tap, video game rooms, endless brunch bars and unlimited vacation lifestyles of the big open California startup companies.

Or, it could be because technology based companies and roles are the way of the future.

Whatever your reason for wanting to join a tech startup, how do you get your foot in the door?

I was asked by a California based healthtech startup client once to hire 5-10 people a month for them. "No experience necessary. We will train them on how to sell, sales philosophies, processes and marketing. We can teach people how to cold-call and prospect, but we want people right out of school."

Their goal was to hire students straight out of colleges and universities so that they would be able train, coach and mentor you the way THEY wanted!

But what about experience? Chances are you have worked in hospitality, restaurants, retail or some other industry while you were in school, but now you want a full-time sales job. You want a decent base salary, commissions, benefits and a great boss! You want to work with other young people, in an exciting culture with a positive mission.

Here are the steps to to get that job!

5 steps to find that dream sales job in a startup!

  1. Invest time in your Linkedin profile: This is the first place that hiring managers and recruiters will look for you. Make sure you have a complete profile with picture, experience, recommendations and a bio.

  2. Speak to people in Startups: Working for a tech startup can be full of excitement and fun. But, it can be a grind. You might not get the training, support or structure that you need to be successful. Do your research and reach out to people currently working at tech startups.

  3. Not all Startups are created equal: Do you want to work in a 10 person company? Or a 100 person company? Do you want to sell a solution or a product? Work from home or in-office? There are a lot of questions to think about.

  4. Apply. Apply. Apply: The old adage, "nobody is going to knock on your door with a job," may be outdated since startups love recent grads. But, you won't hone your interviewing skills if you aren't interviewing! Don't be afraid to apply and see what's out there.

  5. Research: Check out websites like Crunchbase, Capterra, Glassdoor and Techcrunch for the latest on startup revenues, rounds of funding, key players, and news. Immerse yourself in the tech world by understanding the language they speak!

What if I don't understand Sales?

It might be true that sales has found its way into every role, but you will need to figure out which type of sales role is for you (more on that in the next blog). Do you love speaking to new people? Do you love negotiating? Maybe you shy away from presenting and being rejected, but you love managing customers.

There are many different entry level sales roles in tech startups. From sales development representatives to inside sales to customer success to business development and lead generation. The sales world is expanding!

Get in the Game

Whatever you do, get out there. Send your resume to open roles. Apply to jobs on Glassdoor, Linkedin, Indeed and directly on corporate websites. Research the types of companies that you want to work for and the solutions or products you want to sell.

As a recruiter, I am always promoting and presenting entry level sales talent to my clients. Upload your resume to our site and don't be afraid to drop a video message!

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