What makes Hirequity’s process different?

There's no BS with hirequity. We have lived workplace challenges and successes and are REAL people like you! We are accessible, authentic and wildly aware of market trends. We are here to help you hire the best and work for the best! We don't want anyone to feel stuck at work or stuck with hiring. We are Canada's premier Sales/Marketing-focused hiring practice, committed to representing diversity in our searches. We aren't a high-volume transactional recruitment agency, but rather focus on long-term relationships where we intimately get to know your brand. Why does this matter? The biggest compliment we receive is, "Wow, you sound like you work for the company - DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT TODAY!

How long can I expect to wait to hear back when I apply for a role?

We strive to provide immediate feedback and responses, but sometimes it simply isn't possible.
If you are an employer or candidate enquiring about our services, our goal is get back to you within 24 hours of your request. If you are a candidate in the process of interviewing, we will be in constant contact! Communication times will vary based on the schedule of the employer and interview scheduling, but we are always here to provide guidance, updates and feedback.

What coaching services does Hirequity provide?

Hirequity and our affiliates provide services to assist with the following:

  • Interviewing Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Career Strategy
  • Youth Employment Strategies
  • Workplace Style Strategies
  • Diversity and Inclusivity Strategies
  • General Employment Counseling
You can also book one x one time with our founder who has spent 15 years in sales leadership roles hiring top performing teams and is now a multi- national recruiter. Why? Pick her brain about your career, how to work with a recruiter, how to get noticed by employers and more!

I am looking to hire. What is Hirequity’s fee structure?

General Fee structure ranges from 15%-20% of the guaranteed first year earnings of your hire (depending on the type of role such as sole contributor or leadership). We offer a flat fee for multiple entry level Sales Development Representative roles. We are pleased to provide fixed / flat rates for your roles. All you have to do is ask!

I do not have significant job experience. Can I join Hirequity’s candidate network?

You don't have to have a lot of experience to be a great hirequity candidate. If you are passionate about learning and developing skills, want to work with companies who are progressive and mission-driven and need help in hunting down your next or first career move, we are here to help! You will find affiliates and resources here to help you navigate resume writing, interviewing, workplacestyle, diversity and inclusivity assistance and more.

What industries does Hirequity work with?

Hirequity hires Sales Talent within a variety of industries across North America. Supply Chain / Transportation / Logistics, Technology, Software, Manufacturing, Finance and Insurance, Administrative, Utilities, Professional, Retail, Life Sciences, Mar-tech, Fin-tech, Clean-tech, HR-tech and Educational Services to name a few.

What type of roles does hirequity place?

Hirequity is focused on placing Sales Talent at all levels in your organization. We have experience at the junior, mid-career and senior leadership levels including GM's, VP's, CSO's and Head's of Sales. Ask about our partnerships and talent network for Inside Sales, Sales Development Representative, Business Development Representatives and Account Executives. We also place, Talent Acquisition, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Demand Generation, Operations Managers and Directors and more!

Does hirequity place candidates outside of Canada and the US?

At this time, we work to place candidates in the USA and Canada. If you have a special request, please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Can I send hirequity my resume?

Yes please! Even if you don't see a role posted that you are interested in, things change daily! You can upload a pitch video and tell us all about you. We also proactively market candidates with desirable skills. Click here to join our candidate network.


Your questions, answered.