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Hirequity connects innovative organizations to the most diverse network of sales talent.

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The hirequity promise 

Founded to make a difference in the sales hiring process.


Diversity Matters

Minority and youth groups are underrepresented in sales roles. When we’re involved in the recruiting process, all candidates receive equal consideration – guaranteed.


We Break Taboos

At hirequity, there are no "taboo" issues. Candidates can talk to us - and expect total discretion in return. We know the sales grind because we've lived it!


We See Candidates' Value

We know that recruitment processes are often incredibly demoralizing. We commit to processes that recognize candidates’ value – from beginning to end. Communication and respect.

Candid with candidates

Join our network.

We work with organizations that are ahead of the curve. If you are looking to be part of something meaningful, let's talk about all things Sales and Marketing.

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Need a hand?

The hiring process can be daunting – but we’ve been through it a few times. We have resources that can help you show your best self: resume templates, blogs, links to counselling and more. We know sales talent because we are sales talent.

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